Grecotel’s Beach Mega Resort is a wondrous place, composed of five distinct environments that flow into each other, igniting the senses: Mandola Rosa suites & villas, Olympia Riviera Thalasso, Olympia Oasis, Elixir Thalassotherapy Center, Olympia Convention Center. On a 500-acre wooded estate along a 2 km sandy beach facing the Ionian islands. All near Ancient Olympia.

MANDOLA ROSA SUITES & VILLAS-Mandola Rosa means ‘pink almond tree,’ like the ones that blossom at Ancient Olympia. A beachfront residence conjures the glamour of bygone eras, right on an exclusive stretch of fine sandy beach. It is a journey of the imagination, steeped in memories, romance, and charm. Just 54 suites and unique villas right on the beach, they are private hideaways offering the utmost in luxury living.

OLYMPIA RIVIERA THALASSO- The ultimate spa resort in Peloponnese. Inspired by the sanctuary at Ancient Olympia, this exclusive beachfront hideaway is pure in classical elegance. Palms and a tropical seawater pool extending down to the beach add an exotic note. Guestrooms and summer suites are elegantly appointed in a style that strikes a balance between the casual and the glamorous.

OLYMPIA OASIS-A beach-lovers’ paradise combining the comforts of a five-star resort with the care-free air of an all-inclusive holiday. Superb facilities, outstanding service, a water paradise and fine cuisine are the makings of a dream vacation. Inspired by a unique location and dedicated to tender, family moments. Is one of those dream family getaways you’ve been imagining.

Restaurant: Yes
Spa: Yes