Incanto Restaurant 002_WebResIncanto Restaurant 002_WebRes
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Presidential Suite 007_WebResPresidential Suite 007_WebRes
Presidential Suite 005_WebResPresidential Suite 005_WebRes
Presidential Suite 003_WebResPresidential Suite 003_WebRes
Presidential Suite 002_WebResPresidential Suite 002_WebRes
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Junior Suite Duplex Sea view 003_WebResJunior Suite Duplex Sea view 003_WebRes
Junior Suite Duplex Sea view 002_WebResJunior Suite Duplex Sea view 002_WebRes
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Junior Suite Duplex Courtyard view 009_WebResJunior Suite Duplex Courtyard view 009_WebRes
Junior Suite Duplex Courtyard view 007_WebResJunior Suite Duplex Courtyard view 007_WebRes
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Incanto Restaurant 004_WebResIncanto Restaurant 004_WebRes
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The Ortea Palace Luxury Hotel is a magnificent building from 1920, known as “Palazzo delle Poste” in the historic centre of Syracuse, on the splendid Porto Piccolo of the island of Ortigia, just a few steps from the best monuments, restaurants and shops of the city.
It is a “must” for those who seek complete relaxation, with the certainty of discretion and attention to every detail by staff.

It’s more than just a holiday, it’s a journey into elegance and history.